Friday, May 31, 2013

Back in the States

So much has happened since my last post! So sorry!!! Let's see... 

We are back in the U.S.! We came back because we just we're 100% comfortable with what the doctors were recommending in South Asia, and the urologist there had never seen anything like this before. God has a sense of humor, though, because Kyle's urologist, infectious disease doctor, and nurse in the states have all been South Asian! :-) Kyle had surgery last week in Plano, in which the doctor hoped to remove the polyps (non-cancerous tumors) from his ureter. However, there were complications and he was unable to complete the surgery. So, Kyle went home and was scheduled to have another surgery June 7th. However, that night, he had a high fever and vomiting, so we went to the hospital and stayed for 3 days with a kidney infection. Now, Kyle has a PICC line, and I am giving him IV infusions at home 3 times a day for 4 weeks. After that, we hope to have another surgery. All that to say, we're going to be here a while! 

Kyle, getting his PICC line inserted

We are really enjoying being here with family. I love- LOVE- seeing my baby girl with her grandparents, all of them laughing, playing, chasing each other, and giving hugs and kisses. I'm thankful for the time that God is giving us here, though it was not in our plans at all. We hope to make a trip to Wichita once Kyle is feeling a bit better. We're in Carrollton for now, so if you want to come visit, give me a call! 

Grandpa and Corinth in the sandbox!



(Left) Auntie Kel and Corinth riding the cow

(Right) Gran and Corinth playing the piano

(Right) Gran cuddling with Corinth!

(Left) Happy girl at bath time!
(Left) Mischief abounds!

(Right) Fun on the town!
Playing at the park with Gran and Mommy!

 Also, I forgot to mention in our last post that Corinth turned 1! I'm bummed that I couldn't give my daughter a birthday party, but we enjoyed the day just the three of us. She has been such a blessing to us this past year, and I am so thankful to God that I get to be her Mommy!

                   Happy birthday Corinth!                                 Corinth chowing down on yummy cake!

Oh, and Happy Summer!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surgery and Bananas

Kyle had surgery today. During surgery, the doctor found that it was, in fact, not kidney stones, but rather calcium deposits inside of fleshy tumors growing all throughout his ureter. A few were cut out and are being biopsed to determine what they are and what surgery/procedures will happen next. We will have to wait a few days before getting results, which means that he will be in the hospital and has a tube coming out of his back until we know anything else. Please pray that the tumor biopsy comes back benign and that doctors can figure out what this is and how to make Kyle healthy again. We know that God is in control, but it is still very scary. Thank you.

P.S. On a very non-serious note, I thought I'd share this with you. I bought 13 bananas for just over $1 today at a fruit stand and I thought, "yeah, America- take that!!" Then, I came home to wash and purify the fruit, and off of the bananas crawled a roach. ... America-1. Spesterra-0.