Wednesday, June 26, 2013


"So where do you live?" For some reason, many people have been asking me this lately, and quite honestly, I don't know the answer. Immediately, I'll say Spesterra. But is that really my home? No. I've only spent 6ish weeks in that country, none of which was I in my own home. My next instinct would either be to say "North Dallas" or to say "Well, I'm from Dallas and my husband is from Kansas." But, other than the time we spent with family before we left for training and the current stay at my parents' house while we get medical treatment, neither of those places have been our homes since we graduated high school. We love both of those places and the people there, but they also are not our home. I also might say, "Well, we lived in Fort Worth." That was in November. That was almost 8 months ago. It's not our home anymore. We drove to Fort Worth/Burleson to spend Sunday at church, with church friends, and with a few other friends. I drove by our old home, our old street, our old Walmart and I felt so at home. And then I was reminded that it is not our home anymore. If you are a man, you may understand this, but if you are a woman, I know that you understand the yearning to have a home of your own. Some place that you can make your own, that you can raise your family, and that you can make memories in. I know our home here on Earth is only temporary, but I still yearn for one. Perhaps one day my husband and I will have our first taste of a normal, settled life. (Okay, nevermind on the normal, let's just shoot for settled.) I can't wait! :-)