Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Home

I am FINALLY putting photos up of our flat (apartment) for anyone who is curious about how we live, as I am about pretty much everyone else! Please note that in the country we live in, we live VERY NICELY. Most of the country is shockingly different from this. We know we are very blessed! 

Our bedroom, aka "Mommy's room":

Our bathroom. The big white cylinder is the water heater.

Corinth's (and eventually also 2nd baby's) room- my favorite room!

The main bathroom. The blue bucket is Corinth's bathtub.

The laundry balcony. There are 2 doors to it, one from our room and one from Corinth's room. You can see our washing machine and air conditioner.

The second balcony, with a door coming from the dining room. The box on the ground is an inverter, which gives us limited power when the general power goes out (which is every day, but during hot season can sometimes before 12-18 hours a day!) Monkeys LOVE to hang out here!

The "office," aka "Daddy's room":

The kitchen! Behind the fridge on the back wall is the sink, and you can see the gas stovetop and microwave/small convection oven on the left. 

The living room:

The dining room:

 This is shot from our bedroom door, looking out onto the living, dining, kitchen area. The far open door is the office, the far closed door is our front door, to the left of where I'm standing is Corinth's room, and to the right of me is the bathroom.

It's a work in progress, but it definitely feels like home now!

Baby Update!

This will be a very short baby update! Tuesday, my friend (a photographer), my language helper (who is great at henna), and I went to take some pregnancy pictures. I did not get to take pregnancy photos the first time I was pregnant, because they were scheduled for after Corinth was actually born! Therefore, it was very important to me to have some taken this time. Part of these photos were family, but part were just me, in traditional local clothes, and with henna on my belly! It was totally weird to all locals who saw it, but I didn't care- it was super fun! Hopefully I'll get the pictures back soon so I can share some while I'm still about the same size!

Kyle and I went to the doctor this week, and everything looks great with Baby Ferg! He/she has moved up some, so is not in as much danger for early delivery as he/she was before! We are still going to the capital city early, just in case, but that was great news! Also, when the nurse went to do the ultrasound (which is done at every appointment here), she lifted up my shirt, saw my henna, and gasped! I looked down, forgetting that I had henna on my belly, and we both laughed at the same time! She told the doctor, who also thought that it was very funny, and said, "in all my years as a doctor, you are the first patient with henna on her stomach!" I take that as an honor! :-)

 We are thankful for a great pregnancy so far! 28 weeks and counting!