Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Week "Off"

Recently, I had the chance to go to our country's capital for 4 days to attend some meetings and trainings. I had a wonderful time, met many new people, caught up with a handful of old friends (which was SO good for my soul!) and ate lots of great food! While I was gone, Kyle held down the fort at home. He had some of our friends over (Kyle's friend, his wife, and their two boys) and they thought it was very interesting that I left my family all week. We had them over again this week, and they brought it up again.

Kyle's friend: So, you had a good time away? Weren't you worried the whole time you were gone about your children? I talked with (my wife) about this, and she also found it very interesting.
Me: It was fine! I really enjoyed it! I didn't have to worry, and I had a good time with my other girl friends! What did (your wife) say when you talked with her?
Friend's wife: I would never leave him alone with the kids! What if they wanted milk and he didn't give them milk?! (Laughing, as though the thought of her husband taking care of their children was implausible.)
Kyle's friend: This is just not our culture to leave our children for so long. This is American culture, but not our culture.
Me: It's not our culture either, but it was great. And I have a great husband who did a great job while I was gone!

Oh, the things people think about us. :-) To Kyle, good job taking care of the kids. I know that if they need milk, you'll get it for them. I love you!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our Day of Worship

In the midst of a town that celebrates every holiday and festival from nearly every religion, including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Christianity, we have A LOT of "religious holidays." Amazingly, on most of these days, the schools are also closed. So, Corinth has A LOT of days off of school, especially now, during "festival season." Last week, she only had school one day, and was off for 4 days. On the day of a major holiday, I decided that we were going to dedicate our school time to worshiping the One True God, and we got a little creative with it! Kyle and Corinth worshiped God through art and poetry, and then Corinth, Noah and I worshiped God through music and dance. We danced to some great Christian music, which was very good for my soul (and hopefully theirs too!) Here are Corinth's poem (truly her creation with a little help from her Daddy) and their Daddy/daughter art! 

You are really good
You take away our fears.
And when I cry, 
You take away my tears.
You made our ears.
You know all our years.
You are really good.