Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Ugly Wall

So, when you walk in through the gate to our apartment complex, this is what you see. An ugly, dilapidated, colorless, lifeless wall. Every time I come home, this is what I see. Not exactly "homey." But then, a few months ago, a little tiny plant started to grow. Now look at it. It's not big, it doesn't overtake the wall, and if you don't think about looking for/at it, you will still only see the wall. But look. It's beautiful. One day when I walked in, I finally noticed the flowering plant. A tiny little plant with tiny little flowers. Sometimes my sweet Corinth goes and picks one of those flowers for me because that's one way she shows me that she loves me. Now, I choose to walk in and watch my little plant grow. Every day it becomes more beautiful! Maybe it didn't really change, but in my eyes it gets more beautiful every time I see it. I think about how this relates to my life. I so easily see the negative in situations. The funny thing is that people support me in it! "Oh, Kathy! I can't imagine how you do what you do! I could NEVER do that!" That's pretty much a free ticket for whining! Sometimes I whine, and I simultaneously annoy myself. Yeah, I know that's weird. ANYWAY... I'm trying to look at my life as I look at this picture. I can very easily see the yuck in my life. But I really WANT to focus on the beauties. It sounds easy, but it's not. You can pray for me in this- pray that in all circumstances I give thanks (like 1 Thessalonians says), and that I would be able to be happy about all of the beauty in my life, because there is more than enough! Thank God that His blessings are new every morning!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Something Lighthearted!

So, Corinth has a book called You Choose. On each page is a theme, and within the theme a variety of things to choose from. One page has tons of foods, another has types of transportation, another has occupations, another has clothing items, etc. It's a really fun book to pick from and talk about! Anyway, the other day, she and I were looking through it and I decided to have her pick out which pictures looked like her family members. Here is what she chose! :-)

Corinth, of course!
 Mommy (Made me aware that I need to fix my hair more often...)
 Daddy. I 100% agreed.
Noah. It took forever to pick this one!
 Gran. So glamorous!
Grandpa. Hilarious! 
Mimi and Sir. So normal looking! 
 Auntie Kel. So perfect. Or should I say purrfect...
Aunt Kelli and Uncle Chad. I totally see it... 
Uncle Erik. YES. A thousand times, yes...