Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Happy Day!

I thought that since my posts lately have been a little... glum... I would tell you about a good day!

Well, the day was automatically going to be good because my mother-in-love is in town! She is staying for 3 weeks, and I LOVE IT! I know a lot of you ladies don't understand this, but I won the mother-in-law jackpot! If I could live with her forever I would! (She might not like that, but I would!)

The weather has been outrageously hot lately... It's normally in the 110's during this time of year, but Saturday we broke a record and hit 118 degrees. Wednesday of this week, it was 115 with a heat index of 126. THAT'S HOT! But Thursday, it was only 104! (No sarcasm, it really felt like ONLY 104!) Kyle was at a training, so Laura and I and the babies had a good day just the 4 of us! We skyped with my sister, painted with watercolors, read books, went to the mall to get a Father's Day present for Daddy, got McDonald's ice cream cones at the mall, went to a bakery to get some breadsticks, made a yummy dinner from scratch, and played outside! It wasn't anything spectacular as far as what we did, but it was a happy day! When we were walking outside, we kept saying to each other "today feels so nice out!"

I'm thankful to God for days like that. It was a nice pick-me-up encourager! He is good!