Thursday, February 2, 2017

Corinth's Surgery

Of course I am biased. I am her mother. She is my first-born. But I really do think she is adorable. She is quirky, friendly, super-smart, and beautiful. Where we live, she's like a little 4-year-old movie star. People always want photos with her! I suppose a bit of my pride of being her mother came from the fact that I really thought she was a gorgeous tiny girl. Then, 1 week before her third birthday, her eyes suddenly and drastically crossed. On Monday, her eyes were normal. On Wednesday, I mentioned to my husband that something didn't look right with her eyes. And on Friday, her eyes were completely crossed. She and her dad travelled to the capital to get an evaluation of what was going on. She came home 5 days later wearing glasses. 

1 1/2 years later was last week. My sweet 4 1/2 year old had surgery on both of her eyes to correct the lazy eye. The doctor is great and the surgery went well. What I didn't know is that her lazy eye is caused by two things. First, the muscles in both eyes were too tight. The doctor loosened them and fixed that issue. The second issue is that she is extremely farsighted. A normal farsightedness (is that a word?!) for her age is up to a 3. She is a 5 on one side and a 5.5 on the other. For that reason, her eyes work so hard to compensate for the farsightedness that they cross. With glasses, this issue will also be fixed.

Please pray for Corinth. She's a super awesome girl. She doesn't think anything of wearing glasses. However, people are sometimes very unkind. Especially where we live, people often ask why she has glasses, what's wrong with her eyes, what happened, etc. I know they don't mean any harm, but I never want Corinth to feel sad. I still think she is absolutely beautiful! God is good. He makes different people in different ways, and I want to value and celebrate the ways God has made Corinth unique. Love on her, pray for her, and say hi next time you see her!


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